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Link g4 Cold start with low idle

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Hi when I start my car it fires and starts but idle goes rather low then after say 20 odd seconds it comes up I have tried adjusting the idle speed for temp this does little .had a play with warm up fuel seems like it maybe rich and lean as it leans out the idle comes up or just thinking weather the closed loop is affecting it just checking now it's not on.nope it is set to 800 rpm but the coolant temp is 55 degress so should be good .do I need more warm up enrichment?

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I'm not really able to open the PCLink file, but try working on your post-start enrichment in combination with your crank enrichment hold table.

There's a really good graphic in within the PCLink help file how it all works together.

You need to perform some logging and see what exactly needs work. If your AFR is too rich during cold start then this can affect your idle speed in which case you need to make adjustments to your cranking/post start or warmup enrichment tables. The other issue however may be your idle base position and startup tables as you'll need enough air bypass initially to achieve your target idle speed.

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