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Link G4+ Evo 8 no start up.

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Hello mates.

So i have this link g4+ plugin ECU installed with FIC 1100 High Z injectors.

5 bar map sensor wired to ANV1. It will not calibrate and wont start.

When selected 4 bar calibration from the list, it did calibrate but still didnt start.

PCL attached for reference

Attached Files

set it up using one of linear Cal tables. for example

0kpa = 0.5v

500kpa = 4.5v

not sure which sensor you're using exactly but some documentation would be helpful.

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The map sensor has been calibrated now to Link internal 4 bar sensor but still no start.

Can anyone check on the bench if all is good and it fires up ? or this is related to tune?

I have been helping RH9 on the Link forum, so not ignoring this post, will just continue to work over there.

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