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Link G4 first start up map RB26

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My first post,

Hi everyone!!

just completed my 26 build on. my 33 gtr

where might i find? or can you guide me into putting a start up map on my Link G4 ECU




Precision 6870

I do believe there is a map in the demo maps that come with the g4 software download. That should get you started. Load it up, and then make your changes to the necessary items. It looks like your injectors are fairly big, so first, set your injector master pulse to like 8ms, then go to injector setup and input the ID dead times applicable to your fuel pressure. Usually a base pressure of 43 is selected.

Then you should be good to start. youll want to sync your timing before thinking about doing any tuning. If you need anything else, just ask

Im bored, im setting up a map for you and ill post it

here you go, i hope. So, turn ignition on, connect laptop and open software. Connect to ecu. Once connected, open this file, it will ask if you want to upload it. Click yes, it will upload. Then see if she fires (=

Noticed i named it wrong, but i did set the dead times for id2000, no worries

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what is the common procedure for turning an engine over after a fresh build?

how long should it run for ?idle for 5-10mins and tow too the tune shop


also, do i touch up this map? or should i just lrt it

Typically, first and fore most , i disconnect the CAS and crank the engine until oil pressure is there. This can be verified by either a gauge, or by taking your turbo feed line off and watching for oil to come out.

Once the engine starts, hopefully itll idle. I usually let it idle and get up to operating temp (15 mins) and then shut it down. Drop the oil, check for crap in the oil, cut filter apart, check for metallics in the filter. A bit is normal, but nothing big. Usually a dust.

Then, replace oil and off to the dyno.

The map i did was a base map that i smoothed out a bit (the link demo map is HIDEOUS)

I then added all of the injector sizing, took a guess at the master PW, and input the dead times. That SHOULD get you going. If you have a wideband, see what the fueling is like. If its lean, increase the master PW, if its rich, lower the master PW.

Hope that helped

Doing a RB26 as well on GTR R32 and some senior members have given me their insight to use another IAT sensor due to the oem having issues with heat soak as well as to completely remove the maf sensors as the Link comes with a integrated map sensor which is already as AN Volt 1 and only need a vacuum line to be connected to it

Also 16bjunkie has set up your dead time for 43.5psi or 3bar fuel pressure so set your fpr to that . Depending on your fpr if it has a vacuum fitting it should be disconnected when you do the adjustment .

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