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Link G4+ fueling

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i run a link g4+ as stated in the title in an evo 9 running 100% e85, when I pull up my fuel targets they’re all set to 14.7, don’t know my way around pc link too well but is there a way to monitor my afr without having a gauge hooked up? Also lots of white smoke at idle and deceleration leads me to believe it’s over fueling, is there a way to change the afr table in pc link from afr to lambda

Options - Preferences- Units - will change your display for you.

You need to get a wideband meter on the car

There is a specific Link G4+ course available for purchase here at HPA. Also, a lot of white smoke does sound more like a mechanical issue, than overfueling.

Depending on how the G4+ is configured, the AFR target table may have absolutely no effect on your engine tuning. As stated above, you need a wideband meter so you can see what's happening. White smoke at idle and under deceleration is often indicative of a turbo problem or a potential engine issue (cracked piston for example). Check the engine's mechanical health before going too much further with worrying about tuning.

Thanks everyone for your input, I will give it all a try once I get home, thanks Andre I’ve heard the turbo come up a few times, compression was similar across the board, car went from a Garrett to a precision turbo and I’m not sure if the fittings were changed. I’ve heard precision turbos don’t require as much oil

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