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Link G4+ Injector test issues

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Hi there, I have a 2jzgte Vvti swap in an s15, wiring specialists pro harness and I’m just calibrating all sensors and tests before start up.

I have an issue with my Raceworks 1650cc injectors (Bosch) when performing the standard test function in the Link G4+ Fury.

I get three of the 6 injectors testing perfect every time with a loud buzzing (inj 3,5,6), but when I test function injector 1,2,4 I get a very very quite buz sound. When I swap the working injector wiring plug onto the non working injector it works correct. That proves all my wiring is good but three of my injectors are not. I’ve tested and compared all injector resistance values with a multimeter and they all match.

Im a bit confused on what the issue could be, the injectors are all very new and we’re working perfect when I pulled them from my GTR to use on the 2jz.

any help would be much appreciated

Hello if they are working faintly it means they are working which is what the test function is designed to, but check the injector set up is set to saturated or peak and hold depending on there resistance this will make a difference in the injector test as far as I'm aware

to check this go to the fuel menu and then injector set up

if you click on the spanner and then check the settings for each injector are correct

Regards Ross

Appreciate the reply mate

i just double checked and yes all injectors are set on saturated.

I find it very strange that three have a very drastic sound to the other three, and when I plug the working injector plug onto the quite injector it will buz correctly and when I plug the quite injector plug onto the working injector it goes very quite.

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Do you have the same voltage at each injector connector. With the harness disconnected from the battery Can you measure any significant resistance between the power pins on the "good" vs. "bad" injector connectors?

Are all injector connectors wired with the same polarity? I can see how the sounds might vary with the polarity -- and the injectors might not be wired internally with the same polarity (but I wouldn't expect this).

BTW - The injector sound will vary depending on if the intake valve(s) are open. You might try turning the motor over by hand 360 degrees and test again.

A bit hard to read, but are you saying if you swap the wiring from the 3 "loud" injectors over to the 3 quiet injectors, then run the injector test, the quiet injectors are still quiet, and the loud injectors are still loud? If that's the case then I think that rules out wiring, drivers, power supply and settings. So basically the only part of the equation left is the injectors themselves - or as David suggested there is a slim chance something is effecting the NHV such as valves open or the rubber seals etc although i cant say I have ever come across that effect before.

Are you using adapters for the connector difference or have you cut the denso plugs off and replaced with a Bosch connector? I have seen the Toyota injector terminals lose tension or fret before and give a intermittent bad connection but it would be hard to imagine 3 are bad. The wiring swap should have eliminated this possibility but since you didnt give much detail on what was swapped I thought it was worth mentioning.

Have the injectors been sitting long? Not sure what injector a raceworks 1650 is based on, but some of those CNG injectors will start to jam up within about a week if they've had ethanol in them or are left dry after use.

Thanks for the reply guys

ahhhhh I think it’s a jammed injector, well three of them. I was running e85 on the Bosch 1650cc injectors on my GTR. I did run some 98 through the tank when I pulled the GTR off the road about 5 months ago. Maybe I need to have them professionally cleaned.

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