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Link G4+ Knock Control Query

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I have a Link G4+ on my Evo IX and I have been reviewing the data logs from the last run. Something I have seen many times (and now am only curious to query it) is the knock control retarding the ignition. If I look at the log the knock recorded is within the global limit yes I am randomly having timing removed from one cylinder. Can anyone shed some light as to why this is? I'm 99% I have the same sampling rate for both the level and ignition retard on the ECU.

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What is the sampling rate of all Knock related logger channels?


What happens when logging at 200 or 500 Hz?

And since you are talking about knock detection on an Evo IX, have you replaced the stock sensor with a Bosch unit?

I increased the logging frequency to 50Hz and now it correlates.

I have a Bosch sensor which is currently mounted on the head using one of the lower manifold bolts. On the to-do list to relocate it to the OE position on the block.


I would strongly advise setting the logging frequency has high as you can for knock. Knock event's are in milliseconds. I would suggest a minimum of 200hz.

That all sounds good, I'd just up the logging rate to at least 200 Hz like Richard and I have mentioned. This way you'll see a lot more of what's going on. Knock events are often brief, and if you miss the peaks it can be misleading.

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