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Link g4+ or vipec plug in for v1 impreza wrx

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Hi guys,

I've got the chance of a cheap vipec plugin for my wrx , but I had already decided on the link g4+ before this came along.

I'm assuming they are pretty similar in there capabilitys as the software is almost identical, but I have noticed that the knock control on the vipec needs an external amplifier . So my question is - how much of a job is fitting this amplifier and at what sort of cost will it be ?

Also , if anyone has any pros and cons of either ecu I'm all ears, as I'm a total novice and the help will be much appreciated.

The engine specs are fairly standard at the minute, but ive got plans for a fully forged build with bigger injectors, fmic, tubular headers, bigger turbo ect ect.

Looking forward to your input .


The Vi-PEC is basically a Link G4 (before the plus came out) so a lot of it is the same but a lot of it has been improved, on board knock for one example.

Fitting the external knock module is easy enough, just 1 digital input to the ECU and then set it up, the module will require a switched live, earth and the loom to the knock sensor as well.

Personally having used them both I'd go for the current unit unless budget is a major factor, the newer G4+ can run flexi-fuel which I know a lot of UK Subaru owners are dosing their fuel with methanol so the ECU could measure the concentration and alter the map to suit instead of having 2 maps and 2 boost control settings for a guesstimate of dosing concentration.

Thanks for that info Chris.

Apologies for the late reply. Cheers!

Which Vi-PEC unit is the plug-n-play for your car? The i88 unit has on-board knock. I also switched to the Link software to tune my i88 ECU. The Vi-PEC software is pretty much the same as the Link software, but the Link software provides more firmware updates.