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Link g4+ rb25 cam control setup.

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i cannot figure out the correct settings for a rb25 vvt, i know that rb25 vvt is not continuously variable but i still want to make use of it.

can anyone help me with this?

rb25 vvt in a simple on of activation by rpm ,the best way to tune it is make a dyno run with the vvt off and go all the way to redline and the second dyno run activate the vvt like 1400rpm all the way to redline and look at the power curve and make a dissection where to match the vvt on of position for max power over the hole rev range .

Yes i know this, what i dont understand is how to setup this kind of cam control in the link g4+ software, it doesnt have a rb25 preset.

If anyone could share their settings with me or tell me how to set it up i would very much appreciate that.

Below are the settings from our R34 GTT RB25DET base map. Most RB25's work out pretty similar to this, "on" just above idle, "off" at about 5500.

I would actually set the switch off timer to zero however, rather than 0.24s shown in this example.

Thankyou adam, so with this setting it changes the timing at 5400rpm correct?

Yes, assuming the MAP is greater than 65Kpa (ie not overrun/light cruise), the cam will turn on when RPM is between 1200 & 5400RPM.

i have a pnp ecu and the cam control is on pin aux1, is it okay to use that or do i have to repin to aux 6 because only that one has drivertype setting avaible?

You can use any aux you like, my aux 6 was just an example. If you have an R33 then you are correct, it should be on Aux 1/pin113.

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