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Link G4+ sensor confirmation

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Hi all.

1- I am about to purchase Link Fuel pressure and Oil pressure sensors for Link G4+ plugin ecu.

Can anyone confirm which cal tables to use for both oil and fuel pressure sensors ?

2- How can i check PCB board version without opening the ECU casing ? (for uploading correct base map).

3- For internal map sensor which cal to select from the list ? (its a g4+ plugin for evo 7)

Thanks in advance.


Our pressure sensors part# PS150 use the 1000KPa (150psi) TI sensor calibration...

Adapter board revision can really only be checked by looking at the printing on the board as per pic below.

Map sensor calibration will be "Link 4Bar".

Thank you Adam.

Hello adam.

If i use aem 150 psi sensor. Which cal table should i use to get going and have correct readings?

The 150psi TI calibration will work for all common 150psi sensors that output 0.5V=0psi, 4.5V=150psi. The AEM matches this.

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