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Link G4 - setting up boost control for e85

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Hi team

I'm looking at setting up my G4 (non plus) for e85. I can use a 4D table for fuel and ign, however there is no secondary table for boost control.

My current boost setup is the passive open loop that Andre likes to use.

I think i can do it, if I use CLL boost control and use the target table with a %ethanol axis or, I could run a switch with virtual aux tables.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

If you go into your boost control menu in the side tab you'll see a spanner (option) for 'multiple boost tables', If you go into there and you can add another 2 'wastegate %dc' tables into the mix, giving you a choice of 3 all together.

Activation of each table is also found in the same option menu

Do the additional tables adjust the original map or are they a completely separate boost maps?

On my original G4, they are different maps.

So if I had a second map, I would be replacing my MAP axis with a %ethanol one. This wouldn't help as baro changes though.

I'm going to try CLL and use the target table as a %ethanol, however this will be at the cost of losing my passive open loop setup

They are different maps but you can have anything controlling them.

i.e. set up one of your virtual Aux as a GP input, have a %ethanol (can be direct raw voltage input) and have 1 boost setting for pump-20% mix, another for 20-60% mix and the final one for 60% and above. That way your ignition will advance with the %ethanol and once it reaches trigger points your boost will increase. Using the 3 separate tables you can have your passive closed loop control and you will always have a minimum %ethanol before the boost increases.

Great, looks like that will do the job. Lucky as I only had 2 spare VA

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