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Hi Andre racing season will start soon and i want to start do some changes on some customers cars .Need some help to setup Boost by gear on the Link soft wear and also what i need to buy to put rear vss to work like witch sensor how many tooth trigger wheel and how to set it up in the link soft wear and a limiter ,after launch control at the starting line . the car gearbox Vss already been setup an calibrate ,car been using now 2x boost table and its switch buy vss from Table1 to table2.

You have a few options to perform gear dependent boost but first you will need a speed input. My preference for a speed sensor is to use a GT101 hall sensor which can be connected to a digital input. You are pretty flexible in terms of number of teeth as you can simply calibrate the input in the ECU to suit the wheel diameter and number of teeth so that the speed is accurate. I would be thinking a tooth count around 24 would give reasonable resolution (There is a maximum frequency for the DI inputs so if the tooth count is too high you will run out of measurement range).

Once you have the speed input working and calibrated, you can set up the gear detection. This is basically a calibration of rpm vs speed for each gear and is pretty straightforward. You can drive the car in each gear and read the 'Gear Ratio Calc' value from the MISC tab of the runtime values screen. Enter the value shown in the gear ratio table and the ECU should correctly display gear.

For your gear based boost control, I normally set up a drag car in open loop with a single DC table with rpm as the X axis and gear on the Y axis. You can then adjust your duty cycles to suit.

For launch control vs speed, you really need a speed sensor off an undriven wheel. you can then use this as the input for the launch control table and adjust your rpm limit vs ground speed. if you try to do this using driven wheel speed it won't be effective as the wheel speed still increases with wheel spin.

Hello Andre this is the gt101 sensor your talking about ?.

Sofar I have been able to setup the boost by gear on the link ecu and is showing the gear position very acuarate.

Now next step is the rear vss setup and calibration .

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Yes, that is the sensor I was referring to.

HELLO ANDRE i want to talk and need more info on the last subject of the early post .how to setup the rear vss in the Link software in the motor sport lunch control to cut ignition buy a rear nondriven vss,got the hall sensor and a 24 tooth abs ring wheel to start with ,

example .launch @ 5500rpm limit the rpm by the rear vss.

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