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link g4 storm spark issue

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Hi guys got my jeep cherokee with link g4 storm, trigger patern selected is dodge hemi 6.1L as suggested before, i got conformation values on my run time screen saying both yes on ref and sync but i got no spark, but works perfectly on ignition test, im on wasted spark set up using mitsubishi igniter and coil pack from a v6 mitsubishi engine, thanks for the reply Cheers!

Hey have you correctly wired the coils in? I haven't worked with link but is there a software option to choose smart/dumb coils?

The coils respond perfectly during ignition test mate, the other thing i found after i update my software, the trigger pattern is cherokee 2000, but theres a message when i selected the pattern saying not sure if it will work, runtimes values says ok on the trigger i can see figures on the engine rev, when starter spins but no spark, thanks for your reply mate cheers!

are you getting an RPM signal in the software?

Do a trigger scope and I'll compare it to the notes for the trigger mode.

Grab a log file of your cranking attempt too, post it and your basemap here.

Thank you guys I figure it out, if the distributor which holds the trigger 2 is installed not right/wrong it won't create a speed signal but, it must be installed right to create a speed signal, thanks everyone!

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