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link g4 storm with m54b30

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Hi everybody !

i recently bought a bmw e46 330 from 2000, this car has the m54b30 and im going to start learning tuning on this engine !

since i want to be able to restore it to original if a sell it i whould like to install a PNP link g4 storm or make an adapter connector, or in really worst case make a my own harness.. but i have read that the link isn't really working with this engine and have problems and wont work with the original sensors or tachos, do we have anybody that have wierd a harness to this car and maybe can make me a guide or even maybe a adapter connector from original to a link ecu ? i whould really like to have a link in this car !

Sorry for my english..

best regards Leo


Sounds like you have picked a good motor to start with, running electronic throttle and dual vanos there will be a lot to learn and a lot of fun to be had.

I recently had one of these car comes through work for tuning, it had been re-wired and fitted with a Link Fury G4+.

Everything operated as it should, even running the factory electronic thermostat through the Link. The only thing extra added was external ignition modules to control the coils as they are built into the factory ecu.

There is a few tricks with the initial setup i.e Trigger system needs to be setup as a M52, Sync pulse has to be wired to the inlet cam etc. All very basic and when the time comes I am happy to help or supply a start map or help you through creating you own.

Did you have any other questions at all?

There is no better way to learn than to spend endless hours playing with your own car!!

Hi Chris !

Thank you for answering my questions!

i whould really much appreciate if you could send me a start map later on, that whould really be great!

yes i figured that this one whould be a good engine to start with and later on turbo convert it so i can learn a bit more !

You dont happen to have a wiring diagram of that car ?

i have read that you have to keep te stock ecu to get all the guages to work and the wire your link in the original harness, is this what he did or did he do a complete new harness ?

best reagards Leo

No worries Leo,

Sorry I don't have a diagram of the car, I will try contact the customer and see if he has a copy.

I don't remember them using the factory ecu, I'm pretty confident they managed to wire the factory dash and get it operating although would have to ask.

Sounds like a cool project! Make sure when the time comes to keep us all posted in the build thread section!

That whould be great if you could get in contact with rhe customer and se if he still has a copy !

The turbo conversion is going to happen over a weekend (if everything goes as planned ) so it is not going so much to read, i only bought this car for learning to tune and understand what everything does in the ecu !

My main thing is rotary (rx7 fd3s) but that is my race car ( drifting ) so i dont really trust myself on tuning that one heh :)

Hope to hear from you soon chris, and maybe with some luck that guy saved his wiring heh :)

Best regards!

And once again thanks !



Spoke with my customer and he doesn't have a wiring diagram. He had a new loom made from scratch and traced the wiring for the dash etc.

Sorry its not much help.

Let me know how you get on and if you have anymore questions I'll do my best to answer!

Thank you so much for getting in contact with your customer! I really appreciate all the help !

I guess i just have to make a new loom and start from scratch! :)

Thanks chris !

Hello Chris,

Few years ago I managed to install V88 to S54B32 (out from Z4) which installed in E46 body, the engine runs very well only got a bit problem with E throttle PDI setting, the main issue is I couldnt get the OEM cluster alive since it is using CAN Bus connection. I wonder is there any person who can manage CAN network for this. I plan to install Link Fury to M54B30 and S54B32.

Thank you

Hey FIS,

Did you end up getting the E throttlle PID settings sorted and get the E-throttle working ok?

As for the cluster, We used a Racetech Dash4 so didn't have the orignial gauge cluster working so I can't really help you there with the CAN setup sorry.