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Link G4+ Xtreme Idle Setup

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I paid to have my ECU wired in to my LS3 with LS2 e-throttle.

They set the idle speed control to Open Loop Sol/Stepper. Surely it should have been set to Open Loop E-Throttle? Or am i missing something completely?

Due to the LS3 having e-throttle, it doesnt have an idle stepper...

Can you post up your configuration file? But yes, I would have thought it'd be using the throttle for idle control.

Hi Zac,

Config attached.

Attached Files

You are right, your map has been set up wrong so idle speed control wont work at all. It need to be in one of the two E-throttle modes.

Thanks Adam!

I thought that might be the case as it wasn't doing anything at all when i was changing the settings, but when turning it onto e-throttle it started moving the throttle plate.