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LINK G4X e throttle set up

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Can someone would be able to guide me to solve E-throttle issue on y LINK G4x, installed into a K24A3 engine with genuine honda E throttle, keep getting code71 Aux 9/10 Supply error E throttle, maybe someone have the same issue, thanks for the reply cheers!

Hey Leo,

I would make sure you have battery voltage at the pin "+14V Aux 9/10" with ignition on. And make sure the E-Throttle is connected as per the wiring below.

What model of G4X are you using?

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As Frank mentioned, Link ECU's except for G5 are meat to receive external power via an e-throttle relay, which is usually controlled by an output from the ECU. If you don't have power coming in on the supply pin, check your e-throttle relay settings to make sure you're enabling the relay that will supply that power.

can you please tell me the e-throttle relay pinout, I know the 30 and the 86 are the +12v and switched +12v, the 85 and the 87 I'm confused in them. Also can you tell me why its important to put this relay?

thanks in advance

I dunno why my picture disappeared from my previous post but I reuploaded it. For the pinout :

30 comes from the battery (via fuse)

87 goes to +14V Aux 9/10 input

85 goes to an Aux Output that is set to control the E-Throttle Relay

86 is a switched power (powered when ignition is ON)

I have attached a diagram with the number for the relay, sorry for the bad quality I did this on my cellphone!

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thanks frank

I'm using link g4x HC20 plug and play for DC5 Honda Integra, I was told that the E throttle for Aux 16 function is already been connected internally,

I can do calibrate the tps not a problem but once you set to run mode it doesn't work, but on set up mode it works but still we can't drive the car as it is on set up mode.

Thanks for all your reply , cheers!

Thanks for all your reply , cheers!

This is the info regarding the E-Throttle on the DC5 Plug-in ECU. Make sure the EThrottle 1 setting is set to AUX 16. If you want you can attach your setting, maybe we can spot something ouf of the ordinary.

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Attach a copy of your tune and a short log. Put them inside a zip file if the forum doesnt accept the native files.

Did the log, key on engine not running E throttle set to setup mode, the tune is also been attached, thanks in advance

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In quiet mode the throttle will be powered down when the engine isnt running. Set it to run mode to setup. I would also change the frequency to about 5000Hz and the proportional to 4.0 as a better starting point.

Its great Adam, after the set up it runs ok on set up mode after changing the settings but still no throttle movement on on mode, and still throwing code 71

I will check some power supply to the ECU, but before i already installed new relays and wire to the ECU, thanks for your help mate


I think there may be a hardware issue with your ecu in that case, the only logic I could put to error 71 with this ecu which has the internal throttle supply relay would be an internal issue. I do know of another one recently with similar symptoms that had a bad transistor. Contact tech@linkecu.com to get it inspected.

what will happen if i didnt wire the +14 aux9/10 and wired the motor to aux 9 and 10


I personnaly haven’t try it, but if you didn’t connect power to +14V Aux9/10, it’s most likely that the throttle motor won’t move as the Aux 9 and 10 won’t send voltage.

If there is no power coming into the ECU on the aux9/10 power supply pin, there's no power to send out to e-throttle on aux 9/10 outputs.

are you sure that it will not operate or it will operate in an abnormal way?

It will not operate and the ECU provides an error specifically indicating there's an aux 9/10 supply issue.

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