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Link G4X E36x Plugin no spark during cranking.

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Setting up a Link G4X Plugin on a 95 BMW M3, U.S. model. Essentially an M50 with larger displacement and cams. Sensors and harness is identical to an M50b25tu. Tried checking base timing and have no spark during cranking. Ignition test have the coils firing and same with injectors when testing. Turned injector mode off during this base timing check. Something is also wrong with the trigger scope logging in PCLink. Checked crank and cam sensor connections, ok. Log shows rpm during crank so, crank sensor probably ok. Cam trigger is set to level sync.

Tried to attach my base map and log but the forum doesn't like my file extensions. Screen shot of trigger scope window attached. Any ideas?

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I can’t see the scope trace but it sounds like you are not getting the sync signal the ecu is expecting.

Have replied to your post on the Link forum and will keep the focus of my support there.

Thanks Adam. I don't know if it was tune related or just something that needed to be shaken awake but it is up and running. Thinking it might be firing on the exhaust stroke, I added 360 to the base timing. Nothing, so I put it back to where I knew it should be and it fired right up. Adam helped with some settings to make tuning the idle possible and it is doing well. On to tuning.

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