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Link G4x RB25det NEO stagea trigger issue + comms issue.

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Bit of a copy/paste from my thread on the LINK forum. Thought i'd try and get some assistance from others here. To start with:

Specifications of car:

-Nissan stagea C34 manual converted

-Rb25det neo engine

-Link g4x fury wire in

-E-throttle bosch motorsport

-350z pedal

-4port MAC solenoid

-PRP cam + crank trigger (used in past plenty of times with no issues)

-LS Alternator w/ PRP bracket

-3584rs @ 26ish psi target atm

In this log/photos was a 4th gear pull on dyno

Trig scope 1


So i'm currently battling a trig1 error i'm getting at random on a customers C34. It has not happened on a single road test all the way up to top of third. However faults pretty consistently on dyno.

Has factory suppressor still wired between IGN coil + and earth.

Have tried filtering on trig1 and 2 up to level 3 with no change still faults.

Happens on wastegate pressure and higher boost @ target.

Also have an issue with the G4x disonncting under high load from laptop. Have read plenty of threads regarding this with G4x, i can work around this with internal ECU logs. But the trig1 error i need to get to the bottom of. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi, ben can you send in your tune file and a log to tech@linkecu and I or one of the other tech guys will take a look I currently work 4 pm -9 pm for link tech and am a whizz on RB issues. the quickest fix will be to fit a trigger kit like NZwiring.com supply as the G4x has no tolerance for a poor or noisy signal from the Cas, the older G4+ had far more, but as much of a pain it seems the engineering team have made a stand and said they will not compromise for poor triggers by programming an ECU to disregard a scattery pattern which is great for the tuner as he now knows when he types in 20 degrees of timing the engine is at 20 degrees of timing not jumping all around.

Regards Ross

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