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link g4x storm map sensor will not calibrate

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I am running link G4 X storm. I am Having trouble getting the map sensor I am using to calibrate. I am using a AEM 3.5 bar map sensor part 30-2130-50.I made my own linear scale using the aem paperwork i will attach both. With engine not running, I am getting 1.3 volts from sensor and its say 100 percent load. My elevation is 2200 feet above sea level, so it is close but maybe not close enough. If i use the the base link 3 bar as calibration it calibrates just fine but with engine not running it only says 70% load. What am I doing wrong or could it be the elevation I am at? Thanks in advance for any help. Ken

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The "A" in MAP means absolute. A total vacuum in absolute pressure is 0psi, not 14.7psi.

It will be easier to use one of the linear cal's than the tables.

This would be the correct settings for a 50psi 0.5-4.5V MAP sensor:

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