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Link injector scaling.

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Hello Andre I have a question on injector scaling. I have try it on a Link g4 storm ecu and have notice that the car did not actually idle or rev the same .as I have gone from 10ms in the master to 5ms and multiply the fuel map by 2 to get higher number in the map.will this work only one the +series ecu ??.

Have you checked the ignition timing is truly firing at TDC?

Another thing on the link is the injector firing angle.

What is your fuel table figures?

If you have halved the master and doubled the fuel table values you should achieve exactly the same performance from the engine in terms of AFR. Of course the reason for doing this is to gain resolution in the main fuel table which can allow you to do a better job of fine tuning the AFR but on the basis of what you have said, you should at least start off with the same AFR you already had.

I wouldn't do this at the race track and just assume that everything will be fine. I do this on the dyno regularly as I'm dialling in the table resolution and have never had any trouble with it. Have you checked the webinar on this? You can find it here: https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/fuel-table-resolution/

Hello Andre i have done it be4 on other cars i have tune ,and also i have watch the webinar a couple time,and i had the car on the dyno when try the do the scaling ,its the first car i have notice this and the map when leaner and struggle to accelerate .i had to put the master back @ 10ms for now ,in idle the numbers are 15 and mid range 30,the car been running like that with no issue but like Andre say in the webinar i would like to fix the resolution .

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