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Link knock block - volume and knock

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Hello all,

After using det-cans for the last few years i got myself a set of Knock block.

Connected then with my det cans and went for a test drive.

Knockblock volume is all the way up (it's not loud at all)

At wot i can hear knock even if i lower the timing by 20%..

Needless to say that in my detcans i dont hear knock neither on the ecu knock sensor.

When i turned the knockblock volume 50% down, the knock noise was gone

Link support says the the volume isn't affecting the filtering, and maybe my headphones are no good with the volume all the way up...

Wondering if anyone had experience with this kind of problem.


Make sure your headphones have a 3 pole stereo plug, not 4 or more like some cell phone headsets.


I have a 4 pole one.

Is this the problem?

Most likely. There are several different 4 pole pinout/circuit variations, but most of them dont work correctly in a 3 pole socket. I suspect your speakers are probably only getting a very weak ground through the microphone circuit which will induce noise and lower volume.

I will buy a 3 pole and check again.

Adam thank you, awesome costumer service!

I had the same issue, switched to a 3 pole, works fine..

Update - switched to a 3 pole, works like a charm.


Hi first of all hoping all you guys are doing well and sorry at the same time for reviving this old post back. @Adam i was wondering would this issue still persist if i use a adaptor for converting TRRS To TRS ? TIA.

The problem with TRRS is there are 2 common variations as well as a couple of less common ones. A TRRS to TRS should work provided you get one that matches your headphones, it is not always easy to know what you have though. Apple uses only the CTIA pinout as far as I know, while Android phones seem to be about 50/50 OMTP or CTIA pinout. I believe you can get adapters to convert between the two standards also.

Usually you can find a cheap set of headphones that will work with the knock block at convenience stores or supermarkets. I like to wear the type that fit into the ear and then use 3M ear protection over them to drown out the background noise.

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