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Link Knock light

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Is anyone here using it ? I currently have the knockblock which I find very good, but with loud cars that do not have any kind of good exhaust, my ears are buzzing at the end of the dyno session. I do have the noisebuster earmuffs, but I feel the ANR system is not really helping me with the buzzing after. In fact, it seems my tinnitus is worse after using it.

Pump fuel here sucks big time, I need to have a good knock detection system.


Hello Charles

the new version or link knock block is great ive used mine for a few years now and love it im not sure which model you have but if its not the new one get one

regards Ross

Hello Ross,

I have the knock block and was looking for some feedback on their knock light unit.


Hello i tested it and used it for several years, It works ok but found on cars like turbo Subaru and Mitsubishi over about 18 psi they gave a lot of false warnings

it did work great on nissan rb and sr engines and lsv8 4age and any NA engine

i found it was just another tool that was handy on the dyno to at least catch my attention to make me think about the possibility i had knock

Regards Ross

I have it in my Supra, also noticed a few false readings.


I'm sorry that I cannot answer your specific question about the Link knock detection system, but what is the octane rating of the fuel where you live? I am from California, where premium is only 91 octane (AKI or RON+MON/2, same scale as in Canada); my girlfriend and I drove through Ontario last summer and 93 octane was readily available, and all of the PetroCanada stations had 94 octane fuel available. It was expensive, but seemed to be readily available.

Hello, I spoke with Link about Knock Light and Link G4’s+ Knock Block.

They said use Knock Block to dial in the frequency and only then to rely on Knock Light.

I agree with using the knock block for finding the best frequency to use when dialing knock sensors, but I was more wondering about using the light as a standalone unit.

thanks all for your inputs.

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