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Link Knockblock Vs PLEX V2

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Hello. I have a device for tracking knock and I also want another one to compare what I listen.

Does anyone used both devices and have experience per usability etc? Also does anyone have any recordings of the link knockblock?


Hello, i personally use the link knock kit and love it, but I have also used the plex which i loved too.

The link needs to either be brought in on an audio channel to a laptop or used with just earmuffs of both,

the Plex when available has a screen for live data and head phone jack, and can be also be monitored via laptop

i would rate them both great but the plex certainly has the advantage in features

both are very clear in the audio headphones but i prefer the links sound

i hope this helps

Regards Ross

Very thorough response. Thanks a lot :)


I have used both :

Link KnockBlock is a standalone unit powered via a battery, so it's portable. It's super easy to use, only on/off and volume (which is the same button). Audio quality is great. There are no filters so you can't isolate knock from engine sound. I think you can plug it into a laptop but I've never used this function. Dual knock sensor input.

Plex v2 is a more complete unit with optional CAN output version, dual knock sensor input. There is a bunch of filtering options, you can connect a trigger to get knock by cylinder, which is pretty accurate and convenient. Also, you can connect to a laptop to log knock event on a graph. There are dual audio outputs. It requires a +12v and ground to be plugged in to power it up.

As Ross said, both are great options, I just had a good deal on a Plex so I made the switch, but I was very happy with the Link!


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