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LINK Kurofune on JDM MK4 Supra

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Hi Guys.

I've been searching for a solution to mapping my stock turbo Supra (running at 1.2bar). I was going to settle for the F-CON Vpro, purely to retain the sequential operation of the stock turbos and to have full control of the timing and fueling.

It seems the Kurofune is the solution I'm looking for, getting around using some of the antiquated tech from HKS.

I have posted a few questions on the link forum, just looking for confirmation on here before purchasing it.

With the courses on here, I am hoping to tune the car myself, I have to start somewhere! I am still at novice level, so apologies for any silly questions.

I have the F-con adapter harness for my car already, so the plan is use this with the Kurofune.

Knock Control

- I understand the Kurofune uses the stock sensors to receive knock signal, will it be able to retard timing in the event of knock?

Or do I have to have wideband sensors to enable this feature?

How hard is it to configure the sensors? (I have the HKS Knock amp, its an absolute nightmare)

Wideband AFR Feedback

- I understand using a wideband AFR feedback is a stock feature on the Kurofune?


- As much as it will be plug and play, the wideband knock sensors will have to be spliced to the OEM pins?

Or connected to the expansion port.

- With the AFR sensor I can choose either the expansion port or wire into the main connector?

- The HKS loom has input for the Knock amp for Knock and AFR, surely I can utlise these to link these to the Kurofune?

My understanding is using the Kurofune in piggyback with my stock ECU, will allow me to keep the sequential operation of the stock turbos and have FULL control of the fueling and timing?

Any other recommendations for the install will be much appreciated.


As far as i know, the kurofune is G4 based, and as such seems to have all of the features of it. Most likely you will be able to use the o2 sensor input channel as wideband instead, or use an analog input, as it has 9 of them. Since it uses the g4 as a base, im sure it uses the same features such as feedback control, etc.

I would assume it would use factory knock sensors fine, but if in the event you needed to run bosch ones, it says they are wired directly to it. That would be kind of a pain tho, as the 2jz uses rather large holes to screw the sensors into.

Is your supra a manual? If so, why not get the Megasquirt PNP. Its a very good and robust featured ecu.... link also makes a PNP for it.

If its automatic, disregard (=.

Hey mate.

My car is a manual. The Link PNP will not retain the sequential turbo operation, will the megasquirt do so?

Indeed it will!


look into the documentation, installation instructions for supra.

Weve done a few out here, and they worked out well. Another tuner i know had issues with it on an NA-t but that turned out to be mostly from the plug wires emitting noise.

So far ive heard nothing but good for it in the non distributed setups (yours)

When/IF you order this, be sure to order the GM open element IAT. It will be much better than the stock slow one. I would also weld a bung just before the TB for it to go in. Then simply extend the wires from your existing IAT on the upper manifold, to the new sensor.

Thanks Mate.

Will look into it,it does seem a good option.

The other key reason I was looking at the Link is the tutorials on here, with me being a novice, the step by step is exactly what I needed.

Meh tuner Studio isnt hard. Once you learn a bit you'll be good. Also the megasquirt has a ridiculously good auto tune provided your

Wideband is properly set up =). Oh and start up and warm up auto tune too.

If I keep the stock ECU, anyone know how the speed limit and boost cut could be dealt with the Kurofune?

you can also use the PLUG-In ECU and just wire 3 outputs from the XS-Conntor tho the stock harness.

Only reason why the PLUGIN is not meant to to controll the stock sequentiell system is, because 3 VSS valves are not wired to the ECU header. Just do that manual any you can controll anything over the ECU.

With the Kurofune, just a few functions will be left on the stock ECU. Ignition and Fuel will be fully controlled over the LINK, means the stock boost cut and speed limits has no effect on your tune or the engine. For example idle control and the VSS valves for the sequential turbo system can be left on the stock ECU if you like.

All LINK ECU's are using exact the same firmware and software (exept the ATOM ECU which has no Motorsport functions), just the hardware (number of IN- and Outputs) differs.

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