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Link Modelled fuel VE number crazy high

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Hi guys

Just started to setup the ecu and car.. the ve numbers are crazy high as you can see from the fuel table.

i must be missing something but can't find the problem.

really apreciate if someone could check the map and log...

Afr's are 14-14.4 across the whole log but that is at 90 ve.

350z turbo (mid mount)

Returnless fuel system running 56psi constant

asnu 850 grey injectors, using all their data from the website.

link plug n play ecu for 350z. 7 bar internal and IAT sensor. removed MAF

Apart from that its stock.


Attached Files

hello the tune file looks ok and in regards to seeing numbers of 90 in the fuel table it is not uncommon to see numbers of up to 130

the numbers in modeled mode go from 0-150 on the link ecu

Did you use the excel sheet provided by Asnu specifically or the Link ECU? The excel states that it flows 852cc@300kpa. In your map it says 386kpa. Not sure if that would be a contributing factor or not.

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