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Link plugin g4 Evo 8 260

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Hi I have an Evo 8 260 and i have tried lots of setups to get my cooling fans working correctly on my plugin G4 there must be someone out there that has had the same issue fans stay on all the time. Also I cant seem to get my power steering idle up working in the help it says you need to setup a power steering pump as a digital input but I have no space!!

Please guys please help as driving me mad!!

Thanks Paul

Hey Paul,

I have done 100s of EVO Link plug in ECU's and can't say I have had an issue with fan operation before.

Were they working fin before the ecu was fitted and is it still the original wiring?

Maybe put up your tune file and I can have a look at you fan settings for you to 100% rule that out.

Next I would be looking t your fan speed controller or wiring.

Have you got the expansion loom fitted on the board?

Hi I haven`t changed any wiring fans were working ok with stock ecu also changed the fan controller just to test will send you my cal file so you can have a look.

Thanks for your help its much appreciated.


Here is a copy of my cal please advice thats mate.


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Well the fans are on the right channels, only thing I can see wrong is that engine fan 1 (AUX 1) Polarity is low and should be high.

If you go test output on that Aux and set polarity to high it should turn on.

Also check you jumper/switch on the board is in the right place. This should only alter intercooler sprayer but should always double check just in case it upsets anything else

Thanks for your advice will have a go but the fan runs constantly have been told that it should be setup as a pwm output will also try it out.

Yes some of them do run as a PWM. Also if you have the polarity around the wrong way in the ecu it can run all the time then turn off when it hits X temp

Do not know if this will be any help but I was dealing with a similar issue on a Honda . Of course the car that I was dealing with had a really bad loom and was also using a conversion loom from obd2a to obd1 . I used the function test ON to what was happening with polarity etc. , it turned out to be a logic ground which wasn't connected and it was making my fans either work constantly when I had the right polarity and drive .

Will check it out thanks guys for the help its driving me mad know really appreciate the help and advice!!

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