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Link Plugin Supralink Fuel Pump Control

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Hi Chaps.

Almost ready to fire up my Supra with the Link G4 Supralink (JZA80 2JZGTE non VVTi). Was going through my config with the ECU powered up, but had some fuel pump control issues.

My car is stock turboed, has only bolt on mods to run higher boost (1.2bar)

I have a Walbro 255 pump.

The base config on the ECU was set AUX 2 to FP speed with the fuel pump speed control set to general Xover.

This caused the pump to stay on continuously and was making a hell of a buzz.. (Never been like this)

I changed the speed control to 80hz/33/66/100% DC, the help function says this is the correct setting.

The pump now primes & switches off as it should, it is way quieter than before.

The stock JZA80 supra has a fuel pump ecu which has a PWM input, to run between 9V & 12V (based on my knowledge)

So depending on the voltage outputted from AUX 2, the fuel pump ECU will power the pump accordingly.

Can anyone confirm my understanding and the setup is correct beofre I fire the car up.

Sorry if the questions are basic, first time installer & mapper here.


It's been a long time since my supra was stock/BPU, I just wired in a Walbro 255LPH with a relay using the stock fuel pump wiring to trigger the relay which is connected directly to the battery. That said the Walbro 255 LPH pump is very whining and loud!. The Walbro 450LPH is significantly quieter, you won't even notice it running. But if you are running a fully stock fuel system I don't think the stock regulator will be able to hold a low fuel pressure with that pump but never tested so unsure.

Regarding your other points I never limited a pumps voltage so unable to answer, hopefully someone else can jump in and assist.

Thanks Mate..

When you ran the Walbro 255, did you remove the stock fuel ecu, was it on an aftermarket ECU at the time?

I will try starting the car with the current settings and take it from there..

I run a 12v wire directly from the battery to the boot, from here I run a 5 pin relay, picture attached.

Permanent 12V from battery goes to the relay (with fuse in-between) I cut the original fuel pump 12v wire (thick blue one). I wired the pump directly to the relay and used the other-side of the stock 12v wire to trigger the relay on and off.

If this doesn't make sense I can take some pictures on the weekend which should help make more sense. That all said, what I did is a bit excessive but I knew I would be upgrading to dual 400LPH pumps down the line and needed thicker power wires from the battery as the stock one would melt with 2 pumps.

This thread may help http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?279442-What-relay-to-use-for-12v-fuel-pump-mod

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