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Link Storm ECU Rpm limit and launch control not working at all

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HI All, I using the link storm with the MSD dis-2 and I'm in wasted spark.Do someone have any idea why the RPM limit is not working nor the launch control



Can you give us a little more information on what exactly is happening? Are you saying you have no rev limit function at all?

Hi Andre, Non of the limters are working. I checked the data logger the rpm limter when active but the engine without any reaction. It is possible that I was on the soft cut only?

Any chance your tachometer isn't showing the correct RPM (ie. since your running wasted spark, it might be getting twice as many pulses per revolution as it's expecting, thus it displays 1/2 the actual RPM). So you think the limiter isn't working, but in fact you haven't reached the limit RPM yet.

suggestion put 2500rpm as a limit and and give it a try .

Bellotech's idea is sound while you're fault finding this. Can you post up a screenshot of your limit configuration?

If you are cutting fuel only and the engine is over-fueled, it can pass the limiter.

Agree with Andre. Let's see that config page.

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