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Hi, when my Evo 4 is idling for a few minutes the engine is still cold but the exhaust manifold is very hot, also while driving a rally stage the heat from the exhaust downpipe (below the turbo) is melting the intercooler pipe a few inches in front of the exhaust pipe. is there a quick way to check if she is fuelling correctly on idle, I have the mapping software on my laptop?


Radiant heat is a big killer of engine bays, it's one thing I try to get customers to prioritise higher on their shopping lists.

Are you running any heat shields or heat wrap on the manifold, turbo or down pipe?

Have you checked that the base timing is correct?

Does the car run a wide band lambda sensor?

hi, ya I had heat wrap on the down pipe and foil wrap on the intercooler pipe, it burned off both and melted the intercooler pipe. base timing as in engine timing is it?

car is running std lambda sensor

The base timing as in the trigger calibration in the pic attached. Triggers> Calibrate> Set base timing. This needs to be set up properly before any tuning takes place. IF it's been mapped already and this is wrong then the timing map will need adjustment.

You really need to be running a wideband to check AFR's, you can temporarily install one and switch of closed loop control in the Link software or fully replace the standard sensor with a wideband controller/gauge.

Are you running the standard intercooler pipework?

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