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Does anyone have a stock file for a 2012 lml Duramax and used efi live or hp tuners to delete an egr in the USA?

As far as I'm aware, due to the continuing issues with the EPA in the US HP Tuners (and most likely EFI Live) don't support deleting emissions devices.

EFI live didn’t cave to the EPA so you can still use it to delete all the DPF and EGR garbage. I just did a friends LMM, do you have efi live? If so just copy the stock file and set the dpf regen parameters to something that can never be met then scroll through all of the mil codes and set everything that says dpf or egr to do not report. Do the same with the EGR codes and it will never open. I do recommend getting the block off plates for the EGR as sometimes higher boost can blow the valve open.

I do have efi live I did get the egr and dpf figured out but i keep getting a exhaust fluid empty message.

The DEF level may be outside of the ECU itself and you may need to trick the sensor in the DEF tank. I'd take a guess that the level sensor communicates directly to the dash but this is just an assumption. I'd be looking for the sensor and working out what signal it provides when the tank is full and then replicating that.

If I'm reading this right the three need to be opened? And then it uses serial data lines through the nox sensors and then goes to the pcm.

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Yeah I think you're right according to my scan tool my three level sensors all read inactive. My factory PCM still shows the tank being at 0%. I dropped the Def tank out earlier today and it doesn't have a potentiometer that I can see. I'm not a 100 percent sure how it measures it without a float or a potentiometer like a fuel tank. The PCM shows its not in a tamper mode but it also is in a level 6 warning. 393 miles until it limits it to 65mph.

Is there no sensor on the tank at all? I'd struggle to see how the level could be detected without something physically in the tank.

It does have a physical sensor that sits in the tank. But it's not like a typical potentiometer sensor or a float. I solved my problems and shipped it today. I attached a picture I found that looks similar to the one that's in it its theth sensors that are like probes if that makes sense.

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Just curious... How did you end up getting the stock file? I checked a few of the dropbox/repository links on some of the diesel forums and could never find anything that matched all my segments for my LML. Looks like Ridge Runner can generate a stock file so I'm trying to go that route for now.

Curious if that actually fixed it. Currently having the same problem (15lml).

Sorry I missed a post. The stock file I found from a group called starlight. It did end up fixing it but was a huge pain. The version of EFI live I had was pretty new and of course limited me. I can't remember what I did for sure but I know I played with the parameters until it was finally happy. It finally quit derating. I know in the pids listed I was able to find that the reason it was derating was due to the level and played with it from there. That specific ECM was the hardest one I'd ever messed with.

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