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Load Compensation / Manifold Pressure on Subaru platform

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I did not find a lot of information about this subject, but the Load Compensation to Manifold Pressure had a huge impact on my car.

I'm in the process of stabilizing AFR corrections (+ 25% at certain RPM range) issues on a stock map after I switched to an IAG short deck block (the car has no other modifications at this stage).

It took me some time and the replacement of a MAF sensor, fuel regulator, smoke and vacuum tests, until I discovered that the issue should be fixed with the Load Compensation table.

I was aware of the 2600-2800 stumble issue on Subaru 08+ and Cobb has a great write-up about this:

But what I discovered is that the problematic RPM range that requires the additional compensation has moved to the ~3200 range on my car.

Stock map and modified maps are attached for reference.

I'm trying to understand the mechanical reason to why a different engine block can cause such huge change. I can guess that this might occur due to slight change in the compression ratio?

A side note - I tried attaching the fuel regulator to a more stable vacuum line (intake manifold), and I'm still running the car like that, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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BTW I used this awesome tool to help modify this map correctly: