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Log analysis , a possible webinar topic?

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I use active logging on cars that have ECUs with the ability, and then have the drivers send me their log files after the car has been at the track.

This i do to ensure i have good data in case the driver reports any issues.

On that topic i would love a discussion on the aspects of log analysis, what to look for, how to identify things to be optimized etc.

Of course some things would be obvious, but on the other end like how much lean/rich spikes to accept as normal on rapid TPS or MAP changes, initiation of rpm limit and its affect on boost and re-spool etc.

I have attached a log file from a drift car as an example for discussion.

Maybe this would be a good webinar topic? how to effectively use logged data to analyse performance and what to look for first/last, and how to respond to any issues? What is an issue and not and how logged data should be interpreted a little differently from dyno data.

Any thoughts anyone?

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While we certainly haven't dealt with every possible aspect of log analysis, we have done a couple of webinars already on this topic that you can view in the archive. You can find them here:



I think the most fundamental thing about logging that I would like every person in the universe to understand.

Is that logging is good even if you dont understand how to read the log!

As if you have a problem, you can email it to someone else who can take a look.

But you cant do this if you've got no data and just a vague "engine felt funny" diagnosis.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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