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Does anyone recomend a good log viewer software to open CSV files etc to visually se the logs?


This was originally developed for Megasquirt ecu's and some of the more advanced features will only work with Megasquirt tune files but still most works on other platforms... works perfect with Haltech logs... Most advanced logging software I have seen. only critisim would be the UI is a little basic. Great scatter and histogram options too

Another vote for Megalog Viewer HD here, it looks a little basic at first but once you're used to it you get to see it's true ability

I've been using Megalog Viewer HD for EcuTek and Cobb data analysis and it's excellnt. The best single feature imho is the ability to configure a histogram with the same axis and break points as your VE table. You can then log AFR or AFR error into the histogram and use this to very quickly calibrate your VE table. Possibly not as intuitive to use as the likes of Motec i2, but it doesn't take long to get your head around.

am i correct that megalog after the trial costs about $20?

just want to be sure i have the right one

Megalog Viewer HD is $40 USD

This is amazing! I was looking for something that could generate histogram plots after watching Andre use them to put VE corrections together in a course. It looks like HP Tuners software will do it from my logs (I am on COBB, so standard .csv) but this was even better, and it should be since the other option works for free :) The 3D scatter plots are also great for a snapshot of a long drive under all sorts of conditions.

Thanks for the tip!

FYI the trial is free, you can only load up to the first 400 datapoints without registering, which is still going for $40 USD

Megalogviewer HD for me too!