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Looking for 2zz Yellow 310cc injectors dead time

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Hello everyone,

Changed my injectors from 1zz to 2zz and my AFR goes through the roof. It turns out that i might set incorrect data as Dead time for my previous injectors - 1zz and for the 2zz i don't have any reliable data.

So now i have two options. Correct the VE table with my current unknown dead times or just ask if someone knows the correct dead time of the Yellow 2zz 310cc injectors :)

Any cheap method for calculating injector dead times ...like DIY solution with simple electronics

Here are a couple of methods that can work depending on your ECU capabilities:

1)set up a reasonable default dead time...

2) set the VE and tune so that it's running at the target AFR (at idle).

3) Then change the AFR target richer and see how much the actual AFR changes.

If the AFR results is richer than your target, you have too little dead time (and too much VE in the map)

if it's leaner then it's the other way around.

Second method, if you can switch between batch fire (one injection per revolution) and sequential (one injection per cycle). Is to two switch change and observe AFR changes. If batch fire get's richer, then you have two little dead time. If batch fire is leaner, then you have to much dead time.

Hi you can try this

16v 0.452

14v 0.668

12v 0.952

10v 1.332

8v 1.892

6v 2.508

It from old Power FC base map i had.

Actually tried with the above dead times and it was way worse.

I roll back to previous dead times that I had and it looks like that afr was correct and the table was fine.

At 14v found that is 0.93ms at 2zz group.in Facebook.

I would always take deadtime data from a different (especially an older ECU like the Apexi Power FC) ECU with a grain of caution. Different ECU's will have slight differences in how they drive to injector, so numbers that work on one ECU will not work well on another.

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