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A program for remapping ECU on a Toyota Landcrause Trayback VDJ79 series

Hi kenrick sorry i havent found anything online that could help unless you want to use something like a link kurofune as a piggy back ecu

Regards Ross

There are a few options for this. First thing to consider is that you'll need two seperate systems, one for reading and writing, one for editing maps.

If you have money to burn and want to do a large volume of cars, look at a Kess V2 with ECM titanium.

For a more budget friendly approach, I'd suggest something like bitbox and bitedit. Both of these programs you get the program almost for free, but then have to buy "modules" for different ECU types. Once you have the module though, you can do as many toyota diesel V8's as you like, it's not a credit based system.

In most applications you'll only need two modules, one for bitbox (reading, writing, checksum correction) and one for bitedit (mapping), however being a Toyota, you'll also need the Toyota virtual reader. If you plan on tuning any 200 series Landcruisers later on, there's also another module for transmission tuning which can make good overall improvements to how the car performs.