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Low Injectors duty cycle , can it cause any issues?

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hi guys, I have a question about my new injectors, it’s 2200cc FIC injectors on 4b11 evo x running on link g4+ fury. Initially I was planning on tuning on ethanol but I was in a hurry, ended up tuning on 98oct, I notice my injector duty cycle is only 30% making 400whp with twin pumps. Just wondering if this will run me into any sort of issue. Car drives mint and fueling is fully controllable.

What do your idle duty cycle/opening times look like?

The usual issue with injectors that are bigger than required is controlling the injectors in the idle and light load cruise area of the map. Assuming you can achieve accurate control of the fuelling at this point (I'd personally not expect that from a 2200 cc injector on pump gas with a 2.0 4 cylinder but I've been wrong before) then there's no real issue to running larger injectors. In fact there may be some small advantages due to the ability to move the injector timing around relative to the valve opening and closing events.

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