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Low vacuum at ide after installing a mild Cam

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So after installing a mild camshaft i have very little vacuum. If i increase the rpm to say 2000 the vaccum will increase to around 5 - 6psi. Could this be an ignition timing fault? the tick over is also poor and im running mega lean at idle. I have tried to increase the fuel but it makes no difference, the exhaust just soot's up and it floods. The timing has been checked twice and is definitely correct. i have included a picture of the ignition map if that helps.

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One thing to try - close the throttle more (adjust throttle stop) and increase the timing to have more vacuum at idle. At some point your idle is going to become lumpy, and you'll find you may need to increase the idle RPM to smooth it out.

The O2 readings at idle are probably a bit misleading because they measures extra uncombusted oxygen from the increased cam overlap. Often you just need to tune it by ear as you can't trust the wideband i02 sensors in that area.

i wouldnt be worried about it so much with it not being under any load but engine will stall if the accelarator is lightly pressed or pressed hard and let off. The software im using is bytetronik and there is very little help available for it. (Its a mini specific software). This also brings other problems ie its not so easy to adjust throttle opening.