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LS1 Adding timing no power gains

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Hey Guys, Got an LS1 in a VZ commodore. Growler intake and full exhaust system. Manual trans

HP tuners is being used to tune the vehicle.

268.3 HP rear wheel as found.

Adding timing up to 10 degrees, no knock but no power gain, 275.8HP rear wheel. Same tuning process or same dyno normally see around 320-330HP

Knock is detected at 11 degrees added. AFR 12.4 or 13.00 no change

Maf sensor reading as expected, temperatures all ok. No codes. It looks normal, sound normal, just does not make power. Only seen this one or twice before many years ago. Curious to see if anyone knows why or has seen this also.

Log and tune attached now

Attached Files

I definitely don't have any experience with V8's but I just stopped by to say that your log and tune are not actually attached :P

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