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LS1 coil wiring

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Hi all , i am just about to start my first LS1 install with a Storm ECU , a question on the coil wiring , power ground , output from ecu , 12 volt supply , and an ecu ground surely this wire is not grounded back to the ecu sensor grounds ?? , do i ground it the engine block as normal .

Thanks in advance Keith

All the diagrams I have seen show one chassis ground and one ECU ground.

Yes thats what i have found , but i also found earlier that the ecu ground is a feed back o the ecu for missfire detection , so you dont really need to use it on a stand alone, will let you know when i get to that point.

This is a better safe than sorry thing.

Pin 3 should be connected to ECU sensor ground, it wont spark without it and it has a relatively low switching threshold hence its not recommended not connect to engine or chassis ground as any ground offset could cause random sparks. Wiring info is in the Link help file.

Hi Adam , thanks for that i had found that info but the signal ground confused me , i checked the wiring plug today and it has 7 wires to each bank , 1 common 12v , 4 triggers , and 1 common ground to two pins on each coil so i guess thats how i need to wire it up unless you recommend using the signal ground from each coil going back to the green sensor ground in the B loom on the Storm ecu .

thanks again cheers Keith

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