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Ls1 to 4 bolt throttle body swap

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I acquired an ls 1 from a guy and it came with a bunch of parts. Ls2 intake, 799 heads, gen3 red and blue ecm, and a black all plastic tac module (supposed to be a Corvette TAC module). I ordered a harness from from psi performance harnesses they said it should work with the ls2 throttle body. I’d like to run the trailblazer ss throttle body. What will I have to do to tune either of these throttle bodies into the gen 3 ecm, if it is possible. I have a feeling psi might tell me anything to sell me a harness. Thank you in advance for any advise.

Gary, I think this is a followup from your question in yesterday's webinar. As I mentioned at the time, there are some minor variation in spec between your USDM and our ADM models. Can you confirm that the throttle body you're wanting to use is dbw? If so I can't see a way of interfacing this with a Gen 3 ECM that is designed for cable throttle.

Yeah my internet wigged out so I never saw the last part of the webinar. I don’t have a bench harness. I need to just hook it up and read it so I know for sure what I’ve got. Most of the stuff I have found says I can run the ls2 gto or ls2 c6 corvette throttle body. Thanks for answering!!