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LS2 con rod bolts

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Hi Guys

I have an LS2 that I am re building it is fitted with Manley H beam forged rods with ARP2000 bolts the are 17/16 bolts 1.650 long

I searches google for the torque setting and came up with this

I saw 95lbs-ft and torqued them up although I was worried they were a bit tight that’s what it said

Since doing it I saw not to use moly lube on the info which I have done

Do I need to be backing these off? I’m worried they are over torqued



My machinist always measures if there is deformation from the manufacturers recommended torque. And my Manley rods did that. When we torqued them to the recommended torque they became oval.So we backed up. If you wish to torque them and they become oval you have to line hone.