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LS2 start up issue.

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Hey all, I have a LS2 with E40 ecm with a PSI stand alone loom in my Nissan patrol. Ever since we built the truck it wont run properly on initial start up, its like its running very rich then dies and has very limited throttle response. Originally we thought it was an incorrect throttle pedal so sourced the correct one but still has the same issues. Once you switch the engine off and back on again it runs fine. Does anyone have any ideas which might cause this issue? cheers

I am not familiar with tuning this ecu but i would be scoping the triggers and injection to see when the injection is firing in relation to the ignition when it does this and then comparing it to when it starts good it may be not seeing the cam sync for some reason on that first start up

Regards Ross

I'd suggest logging the startup when it starts and dies as there's likely to be a few clues hiding away in there that will point to the issue.