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LS2 turbo with wasted spark using LINK monsoon ECU

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Dear Andre,

I am building a turbocharged LS2 motor using Link Monsoon

this is the 1st time i build LS motor am sure all the same in tuning process but since am using link monsoon i have to go to wasted spark option

am using LS3 crankshaft which is 58X tooth

is there any way to get a base map for my build or a configuration i can trust to use to know well am running the motor safe before tuning as i have no idea about LS motor ECU configuration

Thank You in advance

G'day Hisham. Finding a preconfigured 'turn-key' basemap for your particular setup is going to be a struggle, but if you can find a basemap for a similar engine, running sequentially on a higher end link, copying over the fueling and spark tables wouldn't be particularly difficult.

However, this isn't something I'd recommend, as getting a safe map that will run the car isn't a particularly difficult job, and can be accomplished on the road fairly easily. Have you got our practical standalone tuning course?

I'm going to also back up Zac's comments above. Seldom will a base map get you what you're looking for, and most times they will end up getting you in trouble as you make assumptions about the quality and completeness of the tune you're using as a base. This is why we teach the 10 step process in the Practical Standalone Tuning course. By going through each step in order, you can be confident the calibration is correct for your exact engine combination. Taking someone else's fuel and ignition numbers has a very small chance of being effective.

Thank you for replying

And yes i did take practical standalone tuning and more corses also and it was very very usefull i did wired and tuned a BMW with M20 turbo and a bmw swaped 2jz and i did it very well as i have very good experience building and runing these engines before with stock ecu how ever LS engine is my 1st time build and am welling to wire it run it and tune it for the 1st time in my life

Thats why am asking for a base or a fully tunned MAP to learn and compare

I will set the base MAP to run the engine by myself but it is beter to ask help from experienced tuners

As i remember thats what Mr Andre repeat it many times in the training corses to always ask and get extra usefull informations to succeed

Thank you

Looking forward to your questions Hisham, we're certainly keen to help you with the wiring and tuning, its what we're here for :-).

If the LS in question is fairly stock (particularly the cam), they're a good motor to tune for your first time, as they don't have any huge changes in volumetric efficiency over the small rpm range. They usually map pretty smoothly.

When wiring a V8 in a batch fire, wasted spark configuration the idle and low load areas are usually a little harder to dial in, but once its up above around 2000rpm, you really wont notice much difference in the tuning process.

What throttlebody are you going to use? The Monsoon isn't DBW capable.

Yes it is DBW Throttle

LS3 engine

Stock cranckshaft & camshaft

CP Billet pistons 9.1:1

Forged H beam rods

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