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I bought an Motec M130 from one friend and when i try to open it i found that is locked from the previous tuner !!!,

now i want to know :

1- the way to open the Ecu ???

2- how to send a new package to that ecu to start tuning the engine ???

3- there is some thing i have to buy it online or any one can provide me with a package that i can try to open the ecu ???

thnx for your time ...

Best Regards ...

Do you have the license for that ECU? If not, you can contact a MoTeC dealer and get the currently issued license for that ECU (you will need the ECU serial number, and they will email the license file you installed with M1 Tune). With that and the initial package for that license, you should be able to send that to the ECU and setup and tune. If the license is not a public package, then you may need to contact the package developer for the password, or an initial package that you can send.

If the ECU is password protected then you'll need the password in order to tune the ECU or to send a new package through to the ECU. You're best to contact the previous tuner and see if they will give you the password. Beyond this you may need a different licence as David mentioned, depending on what you're wanting to run.

i got the ECU license ,

but when I clear the ecu and try to open it , it give me a popup massage (attached)

And I didn’t find the initial package for that license in the ECU .

So kindly there is any package I have to buy it or what should I do ?!

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You need to start with the default package for your license, and send that to the ECU (In M1 Tune, use File->Send).

Why don't you start by telling use what License you have? GPA? GPR?

You can download the package for the appropriate (public) license from

this is the license which i got ...

how can i know its GPA or GPR ?!!

the car which i want to tune is nissan Patrol with Tb48DE Engine ..

when i try the packages in the links its show me like that ...

Both GPA and GPR ...

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With M1 Tune, try using Online->Show Information... to learn what licenses are installed in the ECU.

You have the Nissan Patrol Package licensed to that M1, the link to the Package is here. To clear the current tuning you will need to have the person who locked the file remove the password, and they will most likely clear any tuning and configuration data from the M1 as well, so that they can protect their IP. If they will not do this, then the ECU will need to got back to MoTeC via QRC or PowerTec UAE to have the Package cleared and the M1 restored back to as it leaves MoTeC.

Just sending a new license to the M1 will not remove the password.