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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for setting up fail-safe systems in the m1 software (if it is possible). For example I would like to have fuel / ign cut during a certain condition like 0V from an aftermarket fuel pressure sensor I am using (it is wired into one of the motec m150 AV inputs. Or restricted throttle plate opening during a hot coolant/oil/iat condition.

If I have missed a webinar on this I apologize and would love to watch it.



The M1 Warning system allows you to set Engine Speed Limits for various conditions -- I recently saw a setup that used a Speed Limit of 200 RPM to force the engine to stall on low oil pressure (after a delay), which I thought was clever. Look for the Warning setup.

You can also change the lambda target based on coolant temperature (so make it richer when the ECT is high to cool the combustion), or reduce the ignition timing under high IAT, or high oil temps (Ignition Trims).

Webinar 42

Thank you guys! Much appreciated!