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M130GPR package rolling launch control?

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is there a way possible i haven't thought of yet while still using the GPR package to enable a rolling launch control setting?

I know Andre, you have used m1 builder to design your own table. But im curious if I am capable of going about it still on the GPR package.

I know i still have to figure out why my ecu stopped seeing 3 of my wheel speed sensors, but its winter time here. so the car will be down for awhile yet.

-MKIV supra


The way it is done is by using the AntiLag function, as the Launch Control is designed to work from stationary.

When you're driving at a constant speed and press the Anti Lag Driver Switch to activate it, the anti lag works for a rolling launch by retarding and/or cutting ignition while opening the throttle to let more air through. The cut and retard levels are set on 2 tables with throttle pedal and engine speed, so if setup correctly you can still modulate your speed with the pedal with the pedal altering the cut/retard to give you more or less torque. The throttle at this point is controlling the air flow through the engine to a torque level that will be available the moment you press the throttle. You can modulate the hit of torque by how fast you press the throttle when you want to go as to not shock the drive line or break traction.

The issue with holding it on launch is heating the turbos, but there are time limits and temperature cut offs if you hold it too long.

You could also apply a small amount of brake at this time also which will help load the drive line and then you won't need as much ignition cut/retard which will share the load of wasting the energy to spool the turbos.

It does not closed loop control engine speed so when it's activated which you can do with a switch, it simply applies the Throttle Aim (for DBW), ignition timing, ignition cut and fuel cut set in the anti lag tables. You can vary these all these parameters individually based on Throttle Pedal Position and Engine Speed and it's how these are tuned allows the flexibility of traditional anti lag on overrun, rolling launch, or even a flame show while stationary.

There are lots of settings to control the anti lag and you can set it up how you like!

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