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M142 GPR-DI auxiliary outputs

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Hi everyone,

I am setting up an M142 and would like to be able to configure some shift lights using 2 of the 4 auxiliary outputs... either I am missing something (which I hope is the case), or the software won't allow me to change the activation parameters of the auxiliary outputs.

Yes, I have checked to see if there is a shift light function, and no there wasn't.

Aux Outputs 1 and 2 can only be activated using MAP, and Aux Outputs 3 and 4 using TPS. I haven't been able to find anything to change this - I would like to set them to be activated by RPM.

Am I missing something, or is this just the limitations of the software package I have?



Are you using a motec shiftlight ? Or you would just like to setup the aux output as a shiftlight of your own (I guess this is the case). I'm pretty sure the GPR package should allow this, but it would be best contacting motec directly I guess. They offer really good support for cases like this - at least they do for dealers, so if you're not one, maybe ask your dealer to pass through the question.

Nah, the motec shift light (SLM) uses CAN.

I have been annoying Motec a bit lately... might try their forum before giving them a caller. My dealer is always super busy, so I usually only hassle him when i have exhausted all other options.

Hi Plohl,

Using Aux Output 3~5, you can setup a shift light to activate using the AO3~5 Duty Cycle table, based on engine speed. The settings that I used to get this working are;

Frequency 0.0Hz (this makes the output work like a switch, not PWM)

Duty Cycle Table

0RPM = 0%

2450RPM = 0%

2500RPM = 100%

3000RPM = 100%

I used the 2450 - 2500 range to allow for some Hysteresis in the operation of the light.

Activate TP Min 0.0%

Activate TP Max 100%

Activate TP Hysteresis 0

Thanks BlackRex - very similar to the answer I got from motec :D

No copyright was infringed with the posts... :-)

Those settings work, thanks again Black Rex!

The shift lights remain slightly on however, when they should be off, just enough to notice during the day, and obviously very noticeable at night.

The shift light unit is 2 stage, with power (12V+) and a ground wire for each stage. Assume,

P1 = Power, from ignition source, spliced from patch loom to ecu

P2 = Light A - Low side output

P3 = Light B - Low side output

Checking P1 to ground shows ~14V

Duty Cycle = 0% (off)

P2 to ground ~6V

P3 to ground ~6V

Duty Cylce = 100% (on)

P2 to ground ~0.04V

P3 to ground ~0.04V

I was originally using Half bridge outputs, and then switched to Low Side injector outputs after consulting the hardware manual.

Not really sure why the ecu isn't switching ground completely... I think I can fix it with a pull up resistor, but I would prefer to learn how to fix it using the software, as I assume I have just ballsed up somewhere.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Mate,

I have tested this with a LED shift light on my M1, and I don't have the same issue. I have the light coming on at 50% DC and above, but below that it is dark, even with the light in a dark enclosure.

Ok, thanks dude! I'm pretty sure I have it coming on at 50% or above as well, but will confirm tonight. I should have some old LEDs lying around so might wire one up and see if it's just the unit I am using.


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