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M150 plug in Toyota 86 2013 AT problem

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I have posted this on several web pages. Including working with nathan from motec au for several weeks..

Still have no cure from them

The car shift is so late on light throttle

1st to 2nd are always happens on 30km/h

2nd to 3rd always on 57km/h

Shift happens at 3k-3.5k rpm.

Can you imagine the rough shifting

Also i put video on you tube.


David ferguson here might have read for sometime on motec forum

Please bare with me.

Im just a motec lover that want and still believe the car can work at least like the stock oe ecu.


There is a problem triangle -- problems get fixed when:

1 - There is someone that can fix the problem

2 - That person knows about the problem

3 - And they want to fix the problem.

I think your issue is that you have not gotten to the person that can fix the problem. You know about it and want to fix it, but you don't have number 1.

Good Luck

Yeah. You are right.

Even nathan from motec is telling me its not worthed to report an issue as i am the only one have the issue.

That is why i joined here to give me more ideas about how to fix this.

At least i proof myself that i am willing to fix the problem. Since this forum are costing money

I can easily sell the motec and switch to ecutek. But i wont do it. At least not now. Because i still believe motec can handle it better than stock ecu.

I have to found the problem and maybe just a simple mistakes here and there table or setup because mostly motec sell the ecu into MT

Well wish me luck

Thanks anyway

I haven't personally used the M150 on an AT vehicle as all the ones I've tuned are MT. I'm not sure what I can suggest as it's unlikely there's anything you can do as an end user. This is something MoTeC would need to resolve and I can only imagine it's something funky on either the TPS or torque signals being sent from the ECU to the AT computer.

It seems they wont fix this problem since it turns that the only one that have problem is me. I also suspect the same. Because the only thing that the TCU need is a good info from ecu right. And they comunicate through CAN

I already check each output data from ecu to TCU and compared them. It is the same. Nothing really wrong.

I attached the log if you guys have any input for me please do.


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