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M150 - VQ35HR - Exhaust Cam Bank 1

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Has anyone used the VQ35 Default Trigger Pattern, I think its Pattern 19 in the help section.

3 of the cam signals are all within about 10 degrees of 0 with no output turned on to the actuators, but one of the exhaust cam's is reading over 100 degrees off.

When the car is idling the bank with the exhaust cam problem runs lean, and the headers are significantly cooler than the other side. So something is clearly wrong.

Let me know and thanks for any help you can supply

With a problem like this I'd actually suggest you discuss it with MoTeC directly. If there is an issue with the trigger mode then they would need to address it. It's likely that they would need a input capture to work from showing all the UDIG inputs that are being used for ref, sync and cam position.

Hi John,

Which exact model of VQ do you have? DE, HR etc? Are you also able to post up a ref sync capture? Depending on year, there are two different crank trigger patterns mounted to the flywheel.

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