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m50 engine tuning

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I am kindly requesting help on the following:

1- how to calibrate timing on m50 engine the crank pulley has no indicators?

2- how to calibrate knock threshold and what is the criteria

3- anyone has the ignition base map of m50 turbo engine?

**I am using link g4+ monsoon**

1. Use a timing light and if there isn't indicators do a mark on crankshaft when the first cylinder will be at the TDC.

2.monsoon did not have knock sensors

3.there is a base map for e36 on Link Pc. I believe that it is close to your basemap.

You can create a true TDC marker on the crank pulley by using a modified spark plug with a short piece of steel bar welded to it so that it contacts the piston before it reaches TDC. You'll also need a pointer or reference mark on the front cover adjacent to the crank pulley that you can use when you're marking the pulley.

Turn the engine over by hand in one direction until the piston contacts the stop and mark the front pulley next to your pointer. Now turn it over the other way until it contacts the stop and make a mark. True TDC is in the middle of your two marks and you can use this to accurately set the base timing.

Setting a knock threshold is done by inducing light knock and finding out what this looks like in terms of a noise profile. You can check out a webinar on it here: https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/049-setting-up-knock-control-link-g4-vipec/

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