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M54B30 vcc tune. Emu Black. No controll above 2000 rpm

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Hi all

I stuck on a dyno session - on my m54b30 i get no closed loop control of my vanos above 2000rpm. Not sure why.

also - a general question. After the variable cam control course I still not sure of the correct procedure of tuning - does emu black has a fuel trim option. If no - should i correct the VE table after i finish tuning both camshafts, or simultaneously.


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Hi Nikita, sorry for the slow reply. I'll answer your questions out of order. The procedure of optimising cam timing is iterative. As suggested in the cam control course, it's a case of optimising your fuel and ignition, then optimising your cam position. Each time you change the cam position you're also affecting the airflow into the engine, hence the VE and ignition tables will likely require further adjustment. Usually the ignition timing is less sensitive to cam changes than VE. Given that you have dual variable cams I'd start with the intake and once that is optimised, move the exhaust. Once you have optimised the cam timing in this way I also will advance/retard both cams by the same amount to see if there's any further gains. The ECU Master EMU Black does have closed loop fuel so you can utilise this feature to keep the fuelling under control while you're swinging the cams - Just make sure you actually correct the VE table once you've got the optimal cam timing.

As for your cam control issues, could you post the actual tune file for us to have a look at please? Looking at your screen shot of the time graph my guess is that you're targeting a cam angle that can't be mechanically achieved - At the start it appears you're targeting 9.5 deg and the cam angle is stuck at 10.5 which will result in the integral component winding up to the maximum. When you do make a cam timing target that is achievable the integral component has to unwind before the cam will move resulting in the very lethargic response but the cam does finally move albeit still not to the actual target.

Hi Andre

Here are the log and setup files.


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Hello guys!

This is the setup I use currently, still nothing works.

I am still stuck! Can anybody check out my files please?


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